Monday, 23 April 2012

Tricky Shots List

Here is a list of each of the shots we have used in our film and a brief explanation as to why we have chosen these shots. (Not including our title sequence, with screen shots to be added at a later date)

Firstly we started with a Long shot to Medium Close up, we originally started with a long shot to set the scene, by doing this the viewer is able to gather lots of information as the type of people and area in the shot tell a lot about the film. We then moved to a medium close up to introduce our characters, they are both shown in a straight angle as they both have the same amount of power, it also shows us a head of view of them where we can see their facial expressions and their clothing. This is important as clothing gives away vital information on characters.

Our next shot is an Extreme Long Shot, this is showing the high security building, the camera angle of this is a slightly raised tilt, this is to show the importance of the building. this shot is followed by a Long Shot which then Pans and stays at a Long Shot. We have used pan here to track our characters movement.

We cut to a Close Up on an image of a mobile phone this is to ensure all the detail especially the caller id is seen by the camera, as by doing this creates a sense of urgency.

After this we use a Medium Shot where to two girls are stood together, again this was the easiest shot to use to show the two girls, the camera is also kept at an eye line level as this is to show that neither girl has more power than the other one 

After this we have another Medium shot, this is where we show our phone conversation with Sam at this point both girls are in trouble and it cuts to a Long Shot zooms in to a Medium Shot and finishes with a Close up where you can see Eye-line Matches between the two girls. This shot has quite a quick pace to show that the girls are now in a panic over loosing the memory stick and the phone conversation between Annabelle and Sam is not one either of them wanted to be having.

We have not varied greatly in our shot style however we plan on using lots of different edits, the fact we have used basic shots should enable us to work more with out edits making them creative and experiment with them - something we have not done before now. It has also enabled us to patch up parts of our filming that haven't been as successful as we originally hoped such as the laser scene.

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