Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Individual analysis - Mission Impossible

For my second individual analysis i have chosen to do Mission impossible and the link above is where i obtained my images for the analysis of the title sequence. I have specifically chosen to do this because it is part of the same genre as ours, action adventure.

The opening begins with a black screen and goes into a close up of a match being set on fire and the flame gradually goes across the screen (right to left). The close up also reveals that the colour goes from red to yellow as the flame grows. It then progresses quickly to a medium high angled shot and something being set on fire. This is done to add suspense to the start off the title sequence and adds emphasis when it is set alight. Also the music that is played with it as it does a big note when the fire starts to begin the title sequence.

This second shot shows an extreme close up of a man (gradually gets closer in a stage of three shots), which instantly establishes a main character in the film. This image could instantly hint about the character's personality traits for instance, the glasses could represent intelligence. Also because the camera angle is a high angle looking up at him, it could show dominance and the close up could be for attention to his facial expressions or that they don't want to give too much away in the title sequence.

This is another shot of the flame which is gradually going down so it keeps going back to similar shots throughout. This means that it is the main part of the beginning because it ties all the other shots together and the impression I get is that they are all trying to stop it. Therefore this is significant as it is hinting at the narrative without giving anything away.
This show is an example of how the film presents the names of the people who star in and work on the film. The writing 'A BRIAN DE PALMA film' is written in capitals with 'Brian De Palma' in a larger font size. This is purposefully done to add emphasis to the key aspects of the writing. Another way it adds emphasis is that the writing expands whilst the same writing is going quickly from right to left across the screen in the background. In addition to this it is in a completley different text and larger which again adds emphasis to it and continues with the fast moving pace.

This shot is a close up of the characters face. It is again at a low angle to possibly show dominace. In addition, the close up also draws attention to his facial expressions which in this particular shot he looks nervous about what's happening and determined to do something about it.

This shot shows an image of some kind of weapon/camera being placed through a vent. This is something what you would typically find in an action adventure film because they usually contain weapons/technology and being secretive for their mission depending on the narrative. It crashes into an extreme close up of this whilst it
is moving to add emphasis on it and also to suit the theme music being played.

This is another shot that shows technology you would usually find in an action adventure film like this. By doing this they can establish new characters or add information about the ones we have already seen with the numerous images. However it also could represent the narrative for example, it may be secret information based on a computer about someone. Although, as it's duration on screen is only about a second, the audience doesn't know too much about the narrative already which creates interest and suspense for them.

All the other shots in the title sequence are building up to this, where it presents the title of the film. It quickly flashes up the word 'Mission' in individual letters, with the occasional shot of the flame, then presents the word as a whole after. Then 'impossible' follows. It is capitalised and bold, with contrasting colour between the two words and background. This is done again to add emphasis. In addition there are various special effects used for instance the word 'mission' flashes during this and at the end it enlarges and goes into 3D text whilst fading into the next scene. In addition the music ends with a big finish during this and ends for when the next scene begins as it is then not needed.

This is the beginning of the next scene after the montague of shots to open the film. This is establishing the scene properly and the characters whilst also presenting the peoples names who are playing the more minor roles. It starts of very dark with a contrasting of white text which is contnuous from all the writing previously used. The darkness could be used to represent a depressed atmosphere as his sad emotions are also presented in his facial expressions.  

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