Saturday, 14 April 2012

Reflection on Questionnaire Results

Here is the link to our questionnaire results :

We are pleased with the feed back given from the questionnaire, the age range that have responded is from age 13-19 and all but 2 of the responses rated our film 6 upwards (out of ten) , this is a satisfying response as it means people are interested in our film and have given positive feed back.  All off the responses we have gained say they would either 'possibly' or 'definitely' watch our film, this is pleasing as it means our story line must catch the attention of people and interest them.
The majority of the responses guess our film genre at Action or Thriller, which is what we have aimed for, this shows we have managed to portray our film accurately to our audience, I feel we have also created a synopsis which shows the age rating of our film as we decided to rate our film 12A and we were unsure weather to have it at that rating or PG, the majority of responses have been PG or 12A which has allowed us to feel more confident that we have chosen the correct rating for our film content.

Over all I am very pleased with the response from the questionnaire and have found it a good way of gathering peoples thoughts, also by having this done anonymously we hope these are peoples honest opinions of our film and we can use this information to help guide us towards making decisions which will benefit our film, the positive response from the respondents have also boosted our confidence and helped us want to strive to make a film which will be enjoyable for all. 

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