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Invididual Analysis of James Bond Quantum of Solace Title Sequence

Research into the title sequence - Analysing title sequences - James Bond Quantum of Solace

Here is the image of the title sequence from James Bond - Quantum of Solace. It shows image by image each shot in the title sequence. By using this link and hovering over the title sequence it will play you the full sequence in order.

This sequence starts of with a medium long shot with a man stood in front of the moon. The only light in this shot is the moon, as the man is still shown as dark this makes us think that the personality of the man is either a dark one or one that is mysterious.

 The second shot  is a medium close up, also featuring the first title, this is the title of the main character. The back ground colour has got much lighter however Bond's figure is still blacked out, he is also holding a gun, which is clearly visible, this is a way of showing his power.
The third shot is one of the bullet after it has left the gun, it also shows the name of the film this is a pretty simple but effective shot as it already puts across the genre of the film (action and possibly crime). 
This show is an extreme long shot, it allows the viewer to see the entire location. To get to this shot the camera uses a tracking shot following the bullet. From this shot onwards you are following Bonds movements. 
This next shot shows James in an extreme long shot, a long shot then a close up all of these in stages yet displayed on one shot, he is also pointing a gun at the camera, this makes us think he is in danger or protecting him self. He appears to be cautiously moving across this area.
This shot of a woman also gives you more information on Bond, it give the viewer a possible insight into his life. This is also a dark shot which makes the reader think that it could be a private hidden part of his life.
This shot just shows more of the previous one... It also makes the view think James Bond may have a job that attracts female attention. Yet again the peoples features are dimmed out, this making us think that there is more than what meets the eye to these women. 
This shot is similar to an earlier one, where we see James is holding a gun. As like the majority of the other shots this is a dark shot and on this single image is hard to see all of the detail. However even though the shot is dark you can still see that James has once again pulled the trigger of his gun this makes the viewer want to know more about why James is having to protect him self.

This final shot has a rippling effect, like one of those from an explosion. It also shows us the final title of the director.

Extra points; throughout the title sequence the colour orange is used in different tones. Usually red us used as a colour of danger, however the colours red and orange are not that far apart, the warmth from this colour makes us think that James Bond could possibly be in danger. The music used throughout the title sequence also reflects danger, the music has a very deep tone and quite a speedy pace, it also has some lyrics which talk about the dangers of trust and death. Both of these things give us an insight into the film and prove us with vital pieces of information, these pieces of information are given to us cleverly through the use of colour, setting, props, costume and other things that make us query their point such as the women.  
This title sequence also has odd shots throughout the duration of it has images and effects put into the back ground which look like the lines that you would find on a map or a globe breaking up the world. By putting these in the background of shots it makes us think James may travel, it also gives us the impression at some points such as when the lines become closer together that he may be trapped.
This is a good title sequence it provides us with vital information and also fits in all the necessary titles neatly, the way the shots are blended together is very tight using multiple different edits which also fit with the music. 

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