Monday, 30 April 2012

Final copy of film

Here is the final copy of our film completely edited and uploaded via YouTube. Sadly we do not feel this clip holds the same standard of quality as when it plays through final cut express, however we are still pleased with our overall product, after having edited out bad shots, out of focus shots and shaky shots. 

Sunday, 29 April 2012


1.)The opening sequence of a film is significant for numerous reason for example, it establishes genre, presents actors names and can introduce the main characters of the film. We began with mind mapping ideas as to what genre film we wanted to produce for instance our first idea was to involve ninjas. However, we came to the conclusion that this wouldn't be very appropriate as we wanted to make it more realistic and appeal to a wider target audience. Therefore after some consideration and planning we changed the narrative to a theft of some important information kept in a high security building.
We then did research into what genre it would become apart off and we decided it would be an action/adventure film. We started by looking on YouTube for various openings for instance St Trinians was one of the first we looked at. This is because it is of a similar genre.
We also discovered various aspects of information from different websites for instance,
"Action film is a film genre where one or more heroes is thrust into a series of challenges that require physical feats, extended fights and frenetic chases. They tend to feature a resourceful character struggling against incredible odds, which may involve life-threatening situations, an evil villain, and/or being pursued, with victory achieved at the end after difficult physical efforts and violence Story and character development are generally secondary to explosions, fist fights, gun play and car chases" . We also looked at similar films of that genre, to give us an idea of how other directors had interpreted it so we could gain inspiration when we were creating ours. For example,

The Thomas Crown Affair                                              Mission Impossible

By researching this, it gave us a clear idea of the codes and conventions you would typically find in this genre film, therefore we could incorporate them into our film. Which we did, because our film is based around a mission between 2 girls for their boss (the villian) to obtain secret information. As they lose it, they will have to travel the world, facing various struggles to retrieve it back. Specifically in the opening however, we developed the plot because it is an introduction to how they got the stage of losing the memory stick as the main part of the film is developed into them travelling the world, so we thought it would be a good introduction and would establish the situation from the beginning.
We have used various shots in our opening for different reasons. For instance, we have used long shots to mainly establish the scene so the audience can can get a clear idea of the main features of the plot and settings. However we have also used close ups to show attention to details for instance,

Film version

Storyboard version

In these images it shows both an example of the storyboard and actual footage. This is a close up done purposefully to show what is happening on the computer screen as the information is downloading, therefore it shows the audience. It is also done to create suspense on this particular bit with the downloading bar gradually going up. Between some shots we have also, used movement such as panning. This is purposefully done to follow the movement of the characters so the audience can follow them as the scene progresses. In addition some of the camera positions can represent dominance in our film for instance, at the very beginning (shown in the screen shot below). As the characters are coming out of their bosses office, it shows that he is more dominant and as their conversation progresses with how they need the money for hair extensions/ books as they're walking down the stairs, it shows them becoming more inferior.
     It has a continuity style because we have made sure that the characters are wearing the same clothes, same hair,  unless there is a clear costume change, as it is all shot on the same day. We have mostly made it at a normal pace, with a couple of edits that make it appear faster, for instancing going to different settings can indicate a short passing of time. In addition we have added non-diagetic sound all throughout our opening. This is because it makes the shots fit together better, without it consisting of silence or irrelevant background noise constantly and it makes it appear more fast paced than it actually is (which relates to an action film). At some points however, we adjusted the sounds volume, depending on the scene as we didn't want it playing loudly over conversations as they are key aspects because they tell the audience important information about the characters/narrative.
      The font in our titles were just an average size (however we did make what we added slightly bigger than the rest). This is because they had to fit in with our theme of the sequence as we had individual passports showing up straight after each other therefore we couldn't have it too big or small as it would either not fit in or the audience wouldn't have been able to read it. It was also black writing to fit in with the theme and also it added slight emphasis to the persons name and 'starring.' We also stuck to this theme when doing the title of our film 'The Needs.' It has a white background with black writing. Also it had a picture of the USB logo to relate to the memory stick within the film which adds to establishing a plot too.
      The iconography in our film is not really recognised to it's full extent in just the first 2 minutes, but we have added some visual conventions to hint at the narrative and future events. For instance, the secret mission scene is usually found in an action film because she is breaking in (to a high tech security building) and retrieving secret information which then leads on to future events of them travelling the world to get it back when they lose it.
2.)We have represented particular social groups in our film, specifically with the 2 main characters. We started by doing character profiles for each character to represent the main aspects about their personalities.
This is the first one for Sasha we added her likes/dislikes and job into it so we could represent this in our film. For instance in the script she says, "I need some new hair extensions." This reflects her personality as she is currently finishing a beauty course and it shows that she really cares about her appearance. However we could represent this in her clothing as she had to wear all black in order to be disguised for the  In addition it is showing how young people are in desperate need of money, as she is willing to commit crime in order to earn her money. She doesn't really conform to the typical 'dumb blonde' stereotypes apart from the fact that both had to get rid of the memory stick therefore lose it.

The second character profile screen shot represents Annabelle's characters personality traits. We have created the characters so they work together but are practically the opposite. For example, Annabelle states, 'i need to buy books.' This shows that she is less self conscious about her appearance and cares more for education. Her clothes just represented her as a normal teenage however as she wears glasses it can represent intelligence (as she is at university).

This is a screen shot of Annabelle taken from our opening. We represented her as her character profile with her image, as she is wearing regular clothes to make her fit in with everyone else, therefore doesn't look suspicious. In addition, she is wearing her hair up and glasses, which represent the characters personality in the actual film, similar to the character profile as she cares for education and is intelligent.

This is a screen shot of Sasha within the film therefore she looks different to her character profile. In this, her clothing doesn't represent her personality as she is dressed in all black for the specific reson that she has just completed a secret mission. However, it shows she has her hair down and done (with extensions) which represents that she does care for her appearence. In addition this refers to her character profile as she is taking a beauty course.

As we have almost challenged major stereotypes, it would be a good idea to continue with this throughout the film for continuity purposes. However, there has to be some elements where their personalities conform to what society thinks young people are like, or it wouldn't appear that realistic.

3.) We did research into possible distributors that would be suitable to distribute our film. A possible contender was Sony Pictures, which have distributed films such as the 21 Jump Street and The Vow. From their official website however, , it appears that the films they distribute are of a larger budget and are hits at the box office, which is what you would want when you have created a film. However, we would need lots of financial support and training which they are less likely to offer this so we decided this wouldn't be right for our film.

Further into our research we found Pathe! who play a large part in the UK film distribution. They became one of the main contenders as they offered the majority of what we needed for instance as well as distributing, they also help to develop and produce the films. In addition they play a large part within the media industry and are good at getting films into the cinema and making them successful, with a recent example being Slumdog Millionaire. Therefore they would be able to do a blanket release.

We discovered in our research that Guerilla it used to be a production company but in 1999 changed it's purpose to just distributing British and Irish films withing the UK and Ireland. The distributor we have chosen is Guerilla Films. This is because,

This is a section of the list of the films that Guerilla have distributed.

"We have raised production and finishing funds, from private investors, for low budget British pictures in the past, and this is something we intend doing more of in the future." - . This means that it would probably help with funding and giving support with the film which is what we needed and also one of it's main focuses is British films. In addition it also has associations with TV channels such as channel 4 which also it a positive for us. Not only this, but they have links with Odeon cinemas, which will make sure that our film is shown in many cinemas throughout the country.  

An example of a film we did some research on because it is similar to ours is Mission Impossible which was distributed by Paramount Pictures. This shows major contrast to the distribution company we chose mainly because it is more American based, therefore wouldn't really be a possibility. Also, it's main focus is distributing major Hollywood blockbusters for instance their most recent is Titanic 3D, which has had one of the high box office sales in history.

4.)Both genders will enjoy the film however, I do think it is mainly targeted at males (probably about 70% of the audience will be males). This is because of the aspects of violence and action in the film as they are usually the gender to enjoy things similar to that. Our main target audience, is 12A as I did research into certificate, the screen shots is of the guidelines that you have to keep to for this certificate taken from as they are set by the British Board of Film Classification. We chose to do a 12A it will include probably contain subtle use of strong language but will only be used a couple of times throughout the whole film. Also, as our film is based around a mission to obtain some secret information (action/adventure) there will be aspects of violence. It was also chosen because we wanted to make sure younger people had the opportunity to go see it as they may enjoy the narrative. This means that they can go with parental guidance if they want to.
As it is a British film it will mainly be appealing to more people in the British population as, even though it's not necessarily a relateable narrative, they may be able to relate to the characters included. The fact they have to travel the world to retrieve the memory stick back it will then widen the target audience and be more appealing to people in different countries.
It doesn't necessarily target anyone specific with habits and lifestyle as it is about stealing information. However with media consumption, the audience would have plenty of opportunities to see the film as technology can make it easier for this not just going to the cinema, even though that is an option. There will be ways they can see it on DVD (possible Blu-Ray) and also make it available for digital download, therefore audiences can download it onto things like their phone/computer (from places like iTunes) so they don't have to go to the cinema. This make it more convenient for some people. Also, this almost ensures the film makes a larger profit because audiences are most likely to watch it repeatedly as DVD/ download release is usually after cinema release. However, there is always the issue of people using piracy to watch it also.
This link is to our questionnaire that we made to gain feedback from people (not specific, could be anyone). We asked them a variety of questions that included to do with themselves, such as age, gender and about our film as we included our treatment. This means we could gain a variety of different feedback about it and make any amendments that were needed.

We distributed it on different social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook. This was a quick and easy way where we would get our feedback from a variety of people. As most people who are friends/followers would taker part including our peers, as our certificate is a 12A therefore will appeal to most teenagers.

This is a link to all our questionnaire results however, here is a sample of them shown in the image. The specific questions that helped us to do our target audience was to do with their age, and opinions on whether they would go to see and also their opinions on certificate.
In our treatment of the first two minute film states
"Audience- Our film is targeted at persons age 12 upwards , the rating is 12A due to some of the language that will be used and the nature of the film. It is aimed at both males and females that enjoy watching action adventure films and mild crime films"
Which is what we concluded from our questionnaire results.

 5.)I think we have reached our target audience. This is because in the pre production I decided on the certificate classification of a 12A. This widens the target audience and gives the opportunity for more people to watch the film. As action films generally do appeal to males more we believe the narrative instantly gets their attention as it's to do with thieves.However, the possibility minority of female interest could relate to mainly because of the characters within our film. This is because even though it is not normally a realistic plot, they may be able to relate because they are of same gender and going through similar student situations (no money and in need of new things).  From our questionnaire results, we didn't really get any ratings below 6, which is a positive because it means that we have got a good enough plot that will be entertaining for the population.

This screen shot shows that I have distributed our main task via social networking websites, specifically Twitter and Facebook, in an attempt to get people to watch it and give us feedback.
Unfortunately, we didn't gain exceptional amounts of feedback from this with the limited amount of time we had.

This is the feedback we gained from Facebook. Overall it was all positive comments that we gained for our main task, with comments such as, "good" and "great." This means that people will have enjoyed the opening and hopefully have gained interest in the film. In addition the people who gave us feedback are all of similar to age range to us which lands in the target audience. From this, it could have appealed because of the similar age characters in the film.
To improve we feel and from our feedback that we could have included a few more codes and conventions of a typical action film and we could have improved a few of the shots. This is because it wasn't exactly too clear about what was going on in parts for instance, with the laser, that could have been improved to make it show up better. We didn't realise that it didn't show up as well as we thought until we watched it back in the editing process so it was too late to change it.

6.)In pre production/ production we had to figure out the different aspects we would need in order to film our piece. For instance, we had to decide whether we would need any special lightning, which we didn't because it was either dark, in lightly lit room anyway or we had outside scenes which already had sunlight. In addition we would need to decide the technology needed in the film as it is almost based around technology. Therefore we made plans for specific lessons where these would be needed. It was mainly phones, computers that were included in our piece as they were a necessity due to the information being downloaded onto a memory stick and the phone conversations. During pre production we didn't use any technology really apart from computers to do planning and research. We used various websites such as Google questionnaires and social networking websites (Facebook and Twitter) to gain feedback of our initial ideas to ensure they were interesting and suited our target audience.

Image of a tripod
similar to the one we used.
However, in production we used a tripod, to ensure that the shots looked professional, didn't move about all the time and able to shoot things like panning/tilting correctly. Also, a DV camera to record our 2 minute opening.

Example of a plan we made, includes both what we are filming and the things we need (pre production).

Post production we had to ensure that we had all the filming we did uploaded onto a computer to continue into editing. We used Final Cut Express software to edit our piece which was because we thought it was the best software to edit on and wasn't difficult to use once I had learnt the basics. This enabled me to put shots together, cut down parts that were not needed, add sound and transitions.

Image of a camera similar to ours
what we used to film with.

 It was mainly successful using a DV camera because we was able to shoot our film quickly and of good quality picture. The Google questionnaires was also a good website to use because it was easy to produce and shows your results in a table which is a good way to present the feedback instead of us having to create it (making it also less time consuming). In addition Final Cut express was successful because without it, we wouldn't have been able to edit our opening together and add various aspects to it to make it look more professional and realistic. In addition it helped us add our title sequence which we couldn't have filmed it, therefore with the software we were able to import the images we had created and edit them in.

Screen shot showing the laser
part in our opening.

This shows our attempts at editing a
laser in.

We did have some difficulties too however. For instance, we included a laser in our piece, which we had trouble getting it to show up on the camera properly. We did manage to get a shot where it showed on the camera although it could have been a lot better. In the editing process we did try to get around this, by editing the laser in, however it didn't really work because it when moving from the different shots the laser ended up at a different angle all the time. Therefore, it was difficult and time consuming to get it in the correct position at every second needed so we felt it was not needed in the film. Also, in the editing process, we did then decide that it would look better if we didn't edit it in, as it was effective enough with the faint line (and the showing of the laser on the wall) would look better anyway.
In addition to the another difficulty I faced when filming was when were filming in a dark room.

This image shows an example of
where the camera went out of
As there was a minimal amount of light entering the room for our scene, the camera constantly kept going out of focus when filming. This meant that I had to use manual focus as oppose to auto focus to fix this. In addition we were initially going to use Photoshop for our production company logo, but we found this difficult to use for what we wanted, therefore used Microsoft Word as an alternative, which was a lot better.
Our Production Logo.
In the image you can see how we used different fonts and effects/borders/image to create it.From doing this however, I have learnt about many new websites/ technologies that will possible help me in future. I have learnt more about DV cameras (especially by having to adjust the focus) and also about how to produce a good questionnaire on Google Questionnaires. Also, I have learnt all about blogging and how to use blogger, specifically about how to upload photos, link websites and also embed videos from YouTube.

7.) For our preliminary task we had to do a 30 second continuity piece, consisting of the filming and editing a scenario of a character opening a door, walking into and across the room. Then introduce another character who they then share a couple of lines of dialogue with. As oppose to this task which includes filming and editing up to 2 minutes of a new fiction film, including a title sequence.

Our preliminary task helped a lot when doing this task. This is because we knew the basics now of how to use things like a camera and editing software. In addition to this, we knew now what a film had to consist of. For example, they have to have a continuity style in order to make it more realistic, therefore needed the same clothes (if same day) and also needed to film at the same time of day (if that's what it is in the film) with the same weather. This ensures that your film doesn't skip different things like day to night straight away, when you're suppose to be representing the same time of day in your film. Also, we knew how to present conversations better as there are several in our 2 minute task, which do include shot reverse shots, keeping to the 180 degree rule, which was one of the key aspects we had to include in our preliminary task. In addition to this, we also continued using Final Cut Express in our main task now.

This shows us in the editing process of our main
task in the software Final Cut Express.

This is because it worked well in our preliminary task and now I knew how to use it. Therefore it was a lot easier when it came to editing even though I used more tools and effects this time such as adding sound and adjusting the sound depending on which part it was in.
These images show the shot reverse shot we used
in our 2 minute opening, keeping to the 180

These screen shots are from our preliminary task which
also show shot reverse shots and 180 rule.

This shows how we have progressed and got better at filming but also using similar shot reverse shot methods when in conversation.

 I believe I have got a lot better at editing as we were now able to use the basics of Final Cut Express easily and built upon our knowledge of how to add sound and adjust it, add different transitions, cut out unwanted parts in the middle of shots and import pictures. This is the reason our 2 minute opening was made successfully. In addition to this, I got better at being able to film the scenes. This is because I had already used a similar camera and tripod in the preliminary task, therefore It was easier to shoot it and include things like panning.
      We pretty much kept the same methods as we did before just expanded on them. This is because we have gained more knowledge and know how to use the technology better. Also this was a more ambitious task so we had to include more depth to it for instance, represent the characters backgrounds/personalities better. Also, there were aspects such as the title sequence and phone conversations which we hadn't filmed before. Not only this but our methods changed slightly when filming because we thought more in depth about each shot as the majority needs to represent something for example, close ups to show detail and extreme long shots/long shots to establish the scene.

Final evaluation.

1. In what way does media produce use, development or challenge forms and conventions of media products?

Our film Genre was one of the hardest things to define, this was due to the amount of ideas and things we thought we could do or include into our 2 minutes. However after spending time mapping out what we would of liked to do and than what would be practical and realistic we finally came up with our films specific genre - action crime. To begin with we planned on having ninja's and for a ring to be stolen yet the more we looked at this the more un-realistic and harder to film we found this would actually be not only that we found we may limit our self to a smaller target audience. After a second look we decided that we could have 2 amateur burglars instead of our original idea of ninja's this ensuring our genre was shown correctly, the use of iconography such as laser pens and dark clothing helped us also portray this accurately. Having done character profiles our actresses were able to successfully fill their role, we used the internet along side other films to help us find what we needed to put into our film to ensure we fitted into the genre we originally thought. 

We used inspiration from films such as St Trinnian's, various James Bond films, Oceans 11 and the Thomas crown affair. This is because they all have story lines that can be seen in a similar light to ours. For example, the main feature of our film was an idea taken from the St Trinnian's movie where they break in to get some answers to help them cheat, although this is only a minor part in their film the idea takes the main part in ours. The title sequence is also important as the style it is shown in can also give information about the genre of the film and set the scene giving all the basic information, as a way of showing what is to come we used the theme of passports to show the people in our film this is as they will be travelling the world to find the information they need.
This is the break in scene in the film St Trinnian's 
This is the main part of the break in scene in our film showing what is happening and what is being stolen. 

2. How does your media product represent a particular social group?
In our film we have very different characters, at first glance or from a conversation you would think Annabelle was a very normal uni student, who has a part time job to help fund her fee's and living costs. It is not until you find that her part time job is as an amateur thief that you realise she does not fit the stereo type for either a normal uni student or your expected burglar. We did this to show that people are not always as you expect at first glance and that people do what they need to do at the time, hence the name of our film 'the needs'.
   Sasha who also has a large part in the film is far from fitting the stereo type, you can tell from her appearance that she cares about how she looks, you can also tell from the fact she says she is doing this job to get some new hair extensions that she is very much what society would see as a 'girly girl'. The fact she has blonde hair also immediately means people will view her as the 'dumb blonde' character and in part she plays up to this role walking straight through the laser. 

Here is a screen shot from our film showing that Sasha has just walked straight through the laser this raising the alarms however as she is such a rush and panic she is not aware she has done this, and it is this costly accident that will cause them a long journey to get the information back she has just downloaded. 
Sam our other character looks very much like you would expect a 'boss' of a small theft business would. He can have a very demanding tone of voice and his appearance also reflects this.  The way we portray the characters has a large effect on the film, through costume, make-up, accent and tone of voice the personality we see can see on screen can change drastically.
The use of camera angles also shows power, or lack of power. In our film we did not vary our shots very much, this is something we would of re-done if we had time. Ideally we should have filmed Sam with the camera at a slightly raised angle however we have tried to use different editing techniques to show his power. 

3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? 

The majority of British films generally don't have a large budget, therefore when looking into possible distributors for out film I focused my research on companies that specify on small budget British films. I created a power point showing all of the companies I looked into 
We decided that we would go with Guerilla Films, we chose this company as it has produced many small British films which have been successful such as One Man and His Dog , Zero (which was rates 6.4/10 by the IMDb)  and Two Men Went to War (rated 6.6 by the IMDb) these ratings are ones that are quite high for small British films. They also have direct links with the Odeon cinema that ensures our film will be able to be seen in many cinemas across the country not just the few cinemas which struggle to justify spending so much money on film rolls. We also feel as this company can help with small amounts of funding there is a high possibility of creating a blanket strategy release helping our film become well known before its release date. This building tension within our target audience and creating buzz words around our film title. As well as this company having a specific section for distribution it also also specifies in areas other than distribution but still in the filming industry.   
Here is the Guerilla Film logo which features at the start of our own film : 
Original Logo :

 Logo when shown in our film :

4. Who would be the audience for your media product? 

5.How did you attract/address your audience? 

Our target audience is both males and females over the age of 12. The films rating is a 12 A this is due to the nature of the film and some of the language that may be used. Our film is targeted at all people who enjoy an easy watching action, adventure films featuring mild crime. We have pretty  much used social networking sites and word of mouth to get people to know about our film so a
fter distributing our film on YouTube I then put a link to it on both my Facebook and my Twitter asking people for their feed back on how they thought our final product had turned out. 

Here are images of my posts on Facebook and Twitter: 

By doing this we were given some feed back from a range of people with various interests, here is a screen shot of some of the comments and replies from Bethany's post on Facebook :
All of these comments are positive ones, this is encouraging as it shows that our film is of a good quality. Although action films are usually seen as a male pick the majority of the comments on this post are those of females which shows that we have successfully reached our target audience and not limited our selves too much in anyway. Although all of these comments are positive and encouraging ( e.g. 'Well done' , 'It's awesome :D' , 'really good' ) we as the film makers know that there are some parts that given more time we would of liked to improve and hope that these people are giving us their honest opinion on our work. If we had more time I would like to find more ways to broadcast this and get feed back from people anonymously as this would mean that people didn't feel pressured to give us good feed back if that was not their honest opinion.

6.What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? 

I think that personally I have learnt a lot of information on the technology that is around currently, but not only have I learnt about it I have also been lucky enough to experience using it. At the start of AS Media I had little experience when using a camera and no experience of using editing software let alone final cut express. After completion of the preliminary task I still has no further experience filming however I could confidently set up the camera and I began to learn how to do basic edits. Throughout this final task I have filmed a section of our film using a HD hard drive camera this giving me an opportunity to experience using this equipment ready for A2 where I hope to use the camera's even more and gain further experience. I am now also happy to use final cut express independently and feel as the editing process has gone on I have needed less help and guidance from our tutors. In our film I have successfully applied various edits, inserted music and images into our film and dimmed the music down gradually when there is speech in the film by my self. When filming we did have some issues with focusing the camera, as we were filming in a dark room to begin with me had our camera on auto focus after filming we found that the majority of our film was out of focus and had to re-film this on manual setting. Yet again at some points the camera struggled to focus and we did end up with some more out of focus shots however we have broken down these shots and the out of focus parts have been edited out. You can see this in the 'download' stage of our film. 

 Above is a shot of final cut express with out film open, you can see from the amount of boxes on the screen that there are many different shots used with layered sound and various edits

Here is a screen shot from our film this is where you can see that the laser is pointing at the wall however sadly it did not show up on camera even with deodorant sprayed on it.

Here are 2 images one of a laser pointer and one of a HD camera that are very similar looking to the ones we used in our film. 


7. Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? 

Since completion of the preliminary task I have realised the importance of planning ahead. In our preliminary task we didn't plan enough and talk about which shots we were going to do and ended up having to patch up our film, this was due to the fact we were new to filming and acting and broke the 180 degree rule. This meant we had to find ways of editing our film to try and cut this out, although this mistake meant our film wasn't completely correct it did do us some favours as it meant we went into our final task having slightly more experience in editing than the others in our group and we could get down to linking all our shots together quickly and effectively without needing to wait for assistance.
Here is a link showing our preliminary task :

Here is a video of the shots we edited together to create a starting point for our film.

  This time we had planned a lot more and it meant that we had taken a range of shots meaning we could choose from the best ones. Sadly on our best shot someone walked into the room we were filming meaning this shot then become unusable and we have had to use one of the not so good ones. Other than this and the fact the laser we planned on using doesn't show up on camera we have had a pretty stress free filming experience. 
Here are some screen shots of the pre-production things we did:

Thanks to the preparation we did it has lead to a much higher quality film, we have managed to create much more time for editing and meant that we are more than pleased with our final result on this piece where as before on our preliminary task we were only satisfied with our final product. The best part is seeing our peers and tutors making positive comments on our film telling us how great it looks and how every time they see it they see more improvements. I am looking forward to posting this on social networking sites for all of the people who completed our questionnaire and helped us create the film we did to see our final result.
I am also pleased with our blog and think that the information on it is all related to our film and even though the work has mostly been completed by my self and Beth some of it had to be done at last minute it is still up to a good standard and I am pleased all the time and effort we have put into this film has finally paid off in the final result. 
Here are some comparative shots from our preliminary task and final film to show how we have improved over the time with camera skills and editing skills. 
This was meant to be an 'eye line match' shot on our preliminary task, at the time we thought we had done it well however looking back the poor quality of this shot is obvious. 

Here is an eye line match from our final film which is far better than the one we filmed and edited in our preliminary task. 

This is still not a prefect eye line match however it is much better than the one we filmed in our preliminary task. I am extremely pleased with the improvement from preliminary task to final film, I am also proud of our overall product and think the time and effort gone in to it has paid off.