Monday, 23 April 2012

Individual Analysis - Oceans Eleven.

This is the link where i obtained the images to produce the individual analysis of Oceans 11.

I chose to do Oceans 11 because it is of the same genre as our film, action adventure. This is the first screen shot of the title sequence, it is a simple black background with the number one. This is specifically done to start counting up which builds up the excitment as the film is beginning.
The second and third screen shot is a continuation from the counting up. Each number transitions to the other by breaking up and reforming in a new way. By doing this is a creative way of going from one number to another and there is also sound effects for each of these transitions depending on what they're doing on the screen. However, this time it introduces the main characters names which flashes on straight after the number 3 is shown. In these there is a colour change and these can have connotations for instance, it is stereotypically can be used for gender, as you would normally associated blue for boys and pink for girls, which is what it does here. 

It continues the number process to '11' and on the this particular number it's used to add emphasis on the title because it is named 'Oceans Eleven.' Another way emphasis is added is that when each number appears the music has shorter notes and gets louder which is specifically noticeable on this. Following this shot the music changes completley which is more upbeat. 

Next, it goes on to introduce the other characters that have smaller roles within the film, so they use a different way of showing them as oppose to the individual numbers. This is because it takes less time and the audience won't lose interest in the film as the opening is suppose to get them interested. In this shot the list of names appears one after each other in the loops so the audience watching does have chance to read them.

It then goes on to introduce the people who worked on the film for instance, director, editor. The cards are purposefully used in this to represent a casino style which hints at the narratiuve to the audience. In addition to this, the writing and how the images are presented appear casino related.

This continues the casino style which adds emphasis to the narrative. It does this by showing a represetative of the betting machine and spins as though it it would when someone is playing. Then an animation plays which then introduces the next set of names of people that were involved in the film. 

This is another way in which it relates to casinos because there is dice being rolled and then moved away. When this has finished after being repeated several times, it fades out and enters another scene to a man walking down a street. This includes a voiceover from him and all this contributes to eastblishing the scene, character and begins the narrative.  


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