Monday, 30 January 2012

About our genre and the history of it.

We have chosen to do an action film.
It is a film genre where one or more heroes is thrust into a series of challenges that require physical feats, extended fights and frenetic chases. They occasionally have a resourceful character struggling against incredible odds such as, life-threatening situations, an evil villain, and/or being chased in several ways of transportation (car, bus, truck, etc.), with victory achieved at the end after difficult physical efforts and violence.Story and character development are generally secondary to explosions, fist fights, gunplay and car chases.

In addition from the same website, I print screened the history of it, to see how action films have progressed throughout the years and to see how they have altered. In our planning this will help us with the codes and conventions and also gain more knowledge about our chosen genre. 

Friday, 27 January 2012

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Certificate Classification

For our film, the chosen certificate is 12A. These are the elements a 12A film can contain and the website I got the information from.

The ‘12A’ category exists only for cinema films. No one younger than 12 may see a ‘12A’ film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult, and films classified ‘12A’ are not recommended for a child below 12. An adult may take a younger child if, in their judgement, the film is suitable for that particular child. In such circumstances, responsibility for allowing a child under 12 to view lies with the accompanying adult.


Discriminatory language or behaviour must not be endorsed by the work as a whole. Aggressive discriminatory language or behaviour is unlikely to be acceptable unless clearly condemned.


Any misuse of drugs must be infrequent and should not be glamorised or give instructional detail.


Moderate physical and psychological threat may be permitted, provided disturbing sequences are not frequent or sustained.

Imitable behaviour

Dangerous behaviour (for example, hanging, suicide and self-harming) should not dwell on detail which could be copied, or appear pain or harm free.  Easily accessible weapons should not be glamorised.


Moderate language is allowed. The use of strong language (for example, ‘fuck’) must be infrequent.


Nudity is allowed, but in a sexual context must be brief and discreet.


Sexual activity may be briefly and discreetly portrayed. Sex references should not go beyond what is suitable for young teenagers. Frequent crude references are unlikely to be acceptable.


Mature themes are acceptable, but their treatment must be suitable for young teenagers.


Moderate violence is allowed but should not dwell on detail. There should be no emphasis on injuries or blood, but occasional gory moments may be permitted if justified by the context. Sexual violence may only be implied or briefly and discreetly indicated, and must have a strong contextual justification.
Our film is a 12A because it will include subtle use of strong language but will only be used a couple of times throughout the film. Also, as our film is based around a mission to obtain some secret information so there will be aspects of violence. 12A was chosen as oppose to a 12 because we wanted to give the opportunity to younger people to watch the film if their parents approve. This is because some may enjoy the narrative of the film. 

Genre and similar films

We have chosen to make our film an action film as it involves cat burglars, and is fast pace. We thought 'action film' would be the best description of our film as it may have tense and nail biting moments.

This is a definition of an action film and our film fits it perfectly;

 Action Films: This major genre type includes films that have tremendous impact, continuous high energy, lots of physical stunts and activity, possibly extended chase scenes, non-stop motion, spectacular rhythm and pacing, and adventurous heroes - all designed for pure audience escapism with the action sequences at the core of the film. es, races, rescues, battles, martial arts, mountains and mountaineering, destructive disasters (floods, explosions, natural disasters, fires, etc.), fights, escape.

This information is from;

some examples of action films are;

Oceans 11

The Thomas crown affair

Mission impossible

Oceans 13

Absolute power

The da vinci Code

Welcome to collinwood

These films are all similar to our film because they all contain scenes witch have a cat burglar/ robbery themes.

St Trinians Clip

This is a clip from the film St Trinians give us some inspiration to create the type of film we have chosen to do. The ideas of having cat burglars in our film came from this clip.

First idea for film

Two cat burglars find themselves on a journey far longer than they expected. After breaking in to a state of the art building with high security they finally get hold of the information they need. However nothing is ever as easy as it seems and the information they're after, held on a memory stick ends up in a pocket of a stranger who has no idea of its significance. After travelling near enough half way around the world to get the memory stick back in their possession the pair fly back to the UK only to find this may not be the information they actually wanted.