Monday, 30 January 2012

About our genre and the history of it.

We have chosen to do an action film.
It is a film genre where one or more heroes is thrust into a series of challenges that require physical feats, extended fights and frenetic chases. They occasionally have a resourceful character struggling against incredible odds such as, life-threatening situations, an evil villain, and/or being chased in several ways of transportation (car, bus, truck, etc.), with victory achieved at the end after difficult physical efforts and violence.Story and character development are generally secondary to explosions, fist fights, gunplay and car chases.

In addition from the same website, I print screened the history of it, to see how action films have progressed throughout the years and to see how they have altered. In our planning this will help us with the codes and conventions and also gain more knowledge about our chosen genre. 

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