Tuesday, 24 April 2012


In our film we used a variety of props such as;

The bumbag, which Sasha uses to cary her belongings throughout the theft of the memory stick this is because its is lightweight and better for moving about considering that the room is filled with lasers.

Dark clothing was worn by Sasha throughout the theft of the memory stick too this was so she was less noticeable.

Black Leggings
Black long sleeve t-shirt
These clothes were then disguised as casual clothes by putting on a blue jumper and some tall black boots.

Annabelle also wore casual clothing such as a green cardigan black leggings and a graphic t-shirt.


We used a mobile phone for communicating with each other and also for informing the audience of who calling by showing the front of the screen whilst it was ringing.

We also used a memory stick as a prop to transfer files across from the computer.

Other Props we used was a laser pen to create the laser effect, which Annabelle held still to give it a feel of a real laser. To make the laser show up on camera we used spray deodorant which made the laser stand out better in the dim light.

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