Monday, 23 April 2012

Props and costume research.,r:3,s:13,i:172
This is a shot from St Trinians taken from the link above. I decided to use this because this film is similar because of the genre action/adventure.

Costumes - This film is a good represetative of how costumes are used to show personality and characters in a film. Here you can instantly tell which kind of clique each girl would fit into as they use stereotypes. For example the girl in the middle would be considered the 'geek' of the group. Audiences can instantly tell this because she is dressed more smartly with her hair up and glasses on which all represent that. In addition you can tell that the far right girl cares about her appearance because she has her make up and hair done neatly and nicely. Another stereotype of her could be that she is a 'dumb blonde' which shows hair colour can represent personality too which is part of their image/costume but that however may not necessarily be the case in the film.,r:2,s:13,i:170

This is also from the film St Trinians but i will use this an example for the props used.
In this scenario it differs from the other picture mainly because of the props used. The audience can tell that they are playing a particular sport because of the sticks, protective helmets and gum shields. In addition to this, they are all stood pulling faces showing that they're ready to play the game and determined (also shows this as she is holding the stick up in the air). Meanwhile, a girl is on the floor reading a book (another prop) which could represent that she is more interested in that and isn't the sports type.

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