Saturday, 14 April 2012

Edited 2 Minute Treatment


Title- Cat Burglar
Duration- 2 Minutes
Audience- Our film is targeted at persons age 12 upwards , the rating is 12A due to some of the language that will be used and the nature of the film. It is aimed at both males and females that enjoy watching action adventure films and mild crime films
Synopsis- Two amateur thief's Sasha and Annabelle are ordered by their boss Sam to go and collect a memory stick holding vital information of bank details. He tells the girls who are desperate for money where to go and demands the girls go there as quickly as possible to retrieve this information. The girls go towards the building which has very high security including guards and gates which need passes to be opened however the girls can not be afraid of this as they know their jobs, and Annabelle's future and hopes of staying in education depend on it, they get into the building and find where they need to be. Annabelle goes into the toilet to wait while Sasha goes ahead to the memory stick as she has had more experience in doing these sorts of jobs for money over years. Sasha manages to get the memory stick and back to the toilets amazingly not breach the security system.. or so she thought. As Sasha returns to the toilets they get a phone call from Sam asking where they are and telling them to get out of the building. Sasha gets changed quickly as Annabelle finishes on the phone to Sam both girls exit the toilet trying not to look suspicious however as they get to the entrance an alarm is raised and everyone knows that the memory stick has been stolen. In a moment of madness Annabelle drops the memory stick into the pocket of a stranger and they both exit the building as quickly as possible after having been searched. The girls rush to a near by ginnel to try and work out a plan however Sam rings them furious about what has happened and demands they go back in to find the memory stick and hangs up leaving the girls unsure about what to do.
Suggested Elements- Due to this films overall genre 'action' the suggested elements of this film consist of a fast pace, with sudden twists and turns within the plot. A sub-genre of this film is crime there for it will have to show scenes where the law is being broken this is often a part of a film where it holds a fast pace

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