Saturday, 21 April 2012

Finished Storyboard.

These images show the final draft of the storyboard as I made many changes from the first draft. This is because some of the narrative changed to make it better and more realistic for a film for instance, we changed it from having a room full of lasers to having just an invisible one where Sasha uses spray to make it appear. Also, since then, we have done more research into different locations for example the high security building, so they have been added to the storyboard. These images include a brief outline of the script, it's setting, the audio and also the different shots we are going to include.
By doing this it is helpful to our group because I have created a detailed outline of what our opening is going to look like. Therefore by knowing the different shots/audio it makes it easier to film and edit as we now know what we want it to appear and sound like.

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