Sunday, 11 March 2012

Treatment for Full Film


Title - Cat Burglar 
Duration - 90 Minutes
Audience - Our film is targeted at persons age 12 upwards , the rating is 12A due to some of the language that will be used and the nature of the film. It is aimed at both males and females that enjoy watching action adventure films and mild crime films.
 Synopsis- Two cat burglars find themselves on a journey far longer than they expected. After breaking in to a state of the art building with high security they finally get hold of the information they need. However nothing is ever as easy as it seems and the information they're after, held on a memory stick ends up in a pocket of a stranger who has no idea of its significance. The pair then have to hunt down this important business woman and after travelling near enough half way around the world jumping from plane to plane on a mad chase to get the memory stick back in their possession. Once sourced and retrieved the pair fly back to the UK only to find this may not be the information they actually wanted and the memory stick is a dud. Their boss is furious with this and can not believe the pair have been so careless as to loose something that holds vital bank details and important information that will allow him to successfully regain the money once stolen from him many years ago by one of his biggest rivalries one the nations greatest con artists.
Suggested Elements- Due to this films overall genre 'action' the suggested elements of this film consist of a fast pace, with sudden twists and turns within the plot. A sub-genre of this film is crime there for it will have to show scenes where the law is being broken this is often a part of a film where it holds a fast pace.

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