Sunday, 11 March 2012

First draft of the script

Mid day - Sam in his office pointing at a map on his wall sat in his leather chair music playing from the titles, then fades
Sam: (pointing at map) there. Thats where it is.. (both girls look to one another) go on then.. GO!

Both exit , swap to a shop outside entrance of newbuild. Then, to annabelle going into the toilets, Sasha walking on..

Annabelle: (sharply + quietly ) hurry

*sasha breaking in.. Returning to toilet*

Sasha: got it!
Annabelle; good, right get changed we need to.. (Sam calls) ... Hello?
Sam; what are you playing at ?!? Hurry up!
Annabelle; we're on our way out (leaving toilets)
Sasha; what does he want?
Annabelle; oh , same old same...

Back at the New build entrance with the barriers. Sasha and Annabelle make attempts to walk out but the alarms ring and security discovers that someone has stolen it.

Sasha (Whispers) - quick, get rid of it.

Annabelle drops the memory stick into a persons bag walking into the building through the barriers so they are not suspected as they are checking bags of people walking out. They are now in a deserted ginnel when the phone rings again.

Sasha answers the phone.
Sam: What's happened now? You better not have lost it!
Sasha: Alarms were ringing, security everywhere, we didn't have a choice..
Sam: (getting angry) What have you gone and done?
Sasha: It's in the building, it's in someone's bag.
Sam: What! go find it now! *hangs up*

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